Lisa Wideman, RMT
Massage Therapy is the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body using hands on techniques.  Muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and joints are manipulated.  Massage Therapy improves overall health by acting on the various systems of the body; muscular, nervous and circulatory.  This form of therapy can relieve pain, help heal certain conditions or injuries, and increase relaxation.  Massage Therapy is becoming integral in the world of health care.  
Industry: Holistic Healing
• Registered Massage Therapist
• Certified Pediatric
Massage Therapist
• Certified Reflexologist
Location: Toronto, ON
Business # 647.728.5903
What is Massage Therapy?
What Does Massage Benefit?
Massage therapy is complimentary with other forms of treatments.  Regardless of whether you are coming for therapeutic purposes or just to relax, massage can benefit you in many ways including:
•    Decreasing stress
•    Relieving muscle tension or pain
•    Improving circulation
•    Pre/Post natal discomforts
•    Improving posture
•    Increasing immune function
•    Enhancing joint health and range of motion
•    Improving body awareness
•    Helping to prevent injury
Massage also helps with Chronic Conditions including:
•     Tendonitis
•     Arthritis
•     Gastrointestinal distress
•     Respiratory issues

Pediatric Massage

Both Massage Therapy and Reflexology can be beneficial for all ages!  Experiencing body work at an early age helps children to become comfortable with and take care of their bodies. It can have a positive effect on sleep, digestion, and mood to name a few. Parents are asked to accompany their child during their treatment.