Lisa Wideman, RMT
Can also treat the entire body, but is done via reflex points on the feet.  These points reflect a specific area of the body, stimulating, increasing circulation, and decreasing the crystal deposits that sometimes build up due to stress on that part of the body.  
A reflexology treatment is different from a massage.  Where massage provides immediate relief, reflexology treats the body as a whole, having a more long term effect.  The entire foot is worked (without oil), using thumb or finger pressure, however, more attention is given to areas of congestion.  Deposits, felt as  ‘crunchy’ sensations, are found in these areas, and they may feel tender.  During the session, deposits are broken up enabling energy to flow freely around the body, allowing various systems to function at their best.  Each session will close with a gentle massage to the feet providing a sensation of well being.
You may feel:
•    Relaxed and sleepy
•    Refreshed and energized
•    Like you’ve had a full body massage
What Does it Feel Like?

•    Stress
•    Insomnia
•    Mood disorders
•    Relieving muscle tension
•    Enhancing energy levels
•    Congestion
•    Fibromyalgia
•    Immune system
•    Digestion
•    Constipation
•    Headache
•    PMS/Menopause
Treatments Are Effective For:
Industry: Holistic Healing
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• Certified Pediatric
Massage Therapist
• Certified Reflexologist
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